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How We Engage
We have over 20 years experience in developing and delivering technology solutions for large companies.  We gained this experience through providing consultancy services for big multi-nationals in finance, telco, insurance and software sectors.  We cut our teeth in the delivery of big-budget projects.  We want to apply that expertise to your business...
The aim of SmartaMobile is to provide a quality service to smaller companies that are not able to invest a lot into the technology side of their business.  The motivation for us is that we find smaller business owners intrinsically more enjoyable to work with than corporate departments. You are typically much more involved and engaged, and display fantastic passion for your brand and the health of your business.
We have extensive experience of delivering high-quality solutions in an iterative, agile, manner, to big companies.  We apply this expertise to the needs of smaller businesses, which tend to focus on smaller, more relevant, and clearly capitalizable investments, delivered in a phased manner.  The agile approach is really the only way to make progress in a constantly changing business landscape.
Beyond the delivery of the product itself, we would love to stick in there with you and help you move your business (and your customers) further into the world of the all-pervasive mobile devices, and to draw real business benefit for you from them.  
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