Let's Get Going!

So Let's Arrange to Meet or Talk
The first step to take is to have a conversation with us.  We do not sell an "out of the box" solution that will automatically be right for your business.  We don't believe in one size fitting all, particularly for the diverse world of small and medium-sized businesses, where you as owner/director will have your own very particular view on how best to gain a mobile presence.
Our first meeting will cost you nothing other than your own time, and will allow you to tell us about what is important for your business and what kind of mobile presence you see as fitting for now

We will listen and try to understand your needs, and will advise you on some appropriate ways to achieve your mobile goals

We will also come back with a written proposal for how we could proceed together.  You can then take your time to decide how you would like the next step to look, and when you would like it to happen.

But I Can't Afford It!

If you run a small business you are very conscious about cost, and you cannot afford to throw your limited funds into potentially pricey and possibly low-value "experiments". 

We get that, which is why we want you to consider the following:
What is the cost of NOT having a mobile presence? ( find out )  

Are your competitors already mobile?

What is the value of this opportunity, if you do it before your competitors?

It doesn't have to cost a lot to get value from this
We would also like you to consider that you have very little to lose, since in your interaction with us you will gain in the following ways:
It will cost you nothing to discuss your options with us, and hear some ideas from us (apart from your own time)

You can make this as big or as small as you like - start small, look at the data, then decide what to do next, once you see whether your customers like it

You are in control of what is produced, and you can say "stop" at any time, and we will deliver what we have so far (the stuff that already works)

You will get a clear quoted proposal for the agreed work before you commit to pay anything

We are here for the long game, and would prefer a happy business with a small mobile presence that will work with us again, rather than delivering you an expensive solution you don't want
So Let's Arrange to Meet or Talk