You can send FREE and an unlimited number of push notifications to your customers’ mobile devices.

These can contain information about deals, offers, vouchers, specials as well as timely reminders.

This gives you:
  • A free and unlimited direct marketing tool
  • The ability to send push notifications directly to your customers anytime anywhere
  • The power to send targeted messages direct to your customer’s iPhone or Android device
  • An easy way to keep your customers up to date with your services and products
  • An easy way to let your customers know of your latest offers and promotions
  • Allows you to send timely reminders to customers​
  • Ability to send messages to a group of customers, or even a single member!

With geo-targeted push messages you can now target users based on their location!

What's more, with our geo-fenced messages you can even setup a virtual perimeter on a map, and when users drive or walk in to that perimeter, you can set it up that they will automatically receive these messages! 
With this you can also:

  • See precisely which customers are in the area you have marked out
  • Which devices they are using
  • Set up a perimeter around a shopping mall to remind those customers that you are just around the corner and have offers
  • Catch those customers that may be browsing in a competitor's shop, and remind them that you have better offers for them!