SmartaMobile's App Build Services

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

If you have an existing business, and would like to gain a mobile presence, SmartaMobile will develop your business's very own app for you, affordably and quickly.  We do this by giving you an app that contains a set of key functionality proven to benefit businesses like yours.

With your own app you can extend and gain true value from your mobile marketing strategy, by sending out regular push notifications to tempt your users to come to your business, or try out yokur new products, and by combining with your social media strategy and mobile web-site to become a totally mobile-enabled modern business.
Bespoke Apps for Startups

If you have a great idea for a service that everyone needs, or for an app that should go viral, SmartaMobile can work with you to get a working version up and running.  (And future versions too of course!)

The way we work is to determine with you the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that you need in order to prove out your idea, perhaps to an investor, or to a group of users.  We then work efficiently to produce this affordably in your demanding timelines, whilst allowing you to steer the direction at key iterations.

At the end, you get a unique, sleek, cool app that drives your new business proposition!
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