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SmartaMobile is a mobile app agency based in the UK. which develops mobile apps big and small, supporting an effective marketing strategy for your business, so that you can make the most of the mobile revolution!

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  W​e have a core team of mobile experts

We help you increase sales
and bring in new customers

 You get full support and backup from a local UK office

Why Do You Want a Mobile App For Your Business?

Look At the Stats

Quarter of the world will be using smartphones in 2017. The number of global smartphone users will surpass 2 billion in 2016-17.  

Listen To The Customers

Not having a mobile experience can lose you business

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Why Choose SmartaMobile?

We Are Mobile Experts

We handle everything from start to finish

We make mobilizing your business simple & pain free

We help you bring in new business and increase repeat customers

We are extremely affordable, fast & easy to use

We partner with you and can help with all aspects of your IT

Your app can display:

  • Information on services
  • All locations visible in Maps
  • One click calling
  • Mobile shopping carts and ordering
  • Events and more…

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It is Easy to Control Your Mobile Content, and Your Customers

Manage app content in real time:
  • Special Events
  • Loyalty Coupons
  • Special Offers Vouchers
  • Vouchers
  • Image Galleries
  • Shopping Cart Items
  • Other Information

Target users based on their subscription and membership accounts​​

 Device & Social Media  

 Target users according to their devices and post to social Media


  Select  target users by their
Subscription levels 

  User Groups

  Target selected user groups or
Message selected individuals 

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Push Notifications

  ​Send out FREE and UNLIMITED push notifications to your customer’s mobile device with deals, offers and timely reminders

Advanced Features:
  • Geo-targeted push messages
  • Geo-fenced push messages

Advanced Messaging Features

 Geo-Fenced Push Notifications

 Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

  Set up a virtual
perimeter on a map
and automatically send
notifications to users
when they enter this area

Send notifications to
specific users based on
their exact location with
our geo-targeted push notifications

Generate sales, drive
extra walk-in traffic
and increase customer

  Laser target your
audience with push
notification that pop
up on your customers
mobile devices

   Easily segment your audience based on
device, location and

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Data Analysis and On-Going Support

Once your business has a Mobile Presence, you will find that you engage so much more with your Customers.  We can help you analyse the data, as well as help you develop that presence
We know that there are never enough hours in the day even to run your business as you would like, let alone dedicate yourself to studying the new mobile presence. 

That's why we help you by providing simple, clear, useful summaries of what has been happening in the mobile space thanks to your app.

You will want to know whether your customers are actually using the app, whether they like it, and whether they are benefiting from it.  You will also want to know whether people who are not your customers (yet) are looking at your app, and whether it is time to respond to some of the feedback you may be getting.  SmartaMobile will provide you with the information you need to understand this.
​Depending on what you are seeing, and on the impact to your business, you may want to develop the app further, perhaps include some new capability (like booking an appointment, purchasing a product, sending notifications to your customers, etc). 
We can work with you as before, to do whatever you deem desirable at the time.

In the background (see also the "back-end" support) we will be looking after the service you are providing to your customers, so that it remains available 7x24, and so that you and your customers'  data are looked after securely.
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